The 'Atmos Tool'® provides incredible savings on oxygen for all your oxy-acetylene work such as brazing, heating, annealing, pipe bending, silver soldering, frozen stud removal, and low temperature welding. Although this product has various uses, it is promoted and sold as a heating attachment for a oxy-acetylene torch. This product is NOT for cutting metal.


STOP burning your profits!!!

Want a really hot tip on how to reduce your gas bills ??

The 'Atmos Tool'® is an amazing acetylene torch attachment and is efficient, safe, and economical. It fits most tips in use world-wide and comes with easy to follow instructions. It can be set up and ready for use in just a few moments.

The 'Atmos Tool'® provides high heat without compressed oxygen. Can you believe it? For a small investment it is possible to greatly reduce or even eliminate those oxygen bills! So all those jobs which you could not finish when you run out of oxygen - forget it! You will never have to worry about that again! Better still, all your oxygen can be free. That's right - FREE !

About Us

The Atmos Tool Company is a company whose goal is to be the premier website in Australia for the promotion of a specialised tool. We offer the opportunity for any person to contact us from anywhere in the world about our product and to try our tool that we feel you will not be disappointed with.

We specialize in a tool that can be used in almost any industry which will have cost savings to you and is easy to use. We work with our clients to provide information and can answer any quieries relating to this tool.

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The Atmos Tool Company specialises in a

tool that produces a hot flame using only

Without the use or need to have oxygen,
it allowes you to produce a hot flame that will encircle a round object e.g exhaust pipe reducing the need to move the torch.

We welcome you to browse throught this site and email us regarding any questions you may have about this product. Iif you feel you would like make and investment in one or more of these, then please go to the orders page and discover for yourself how one of these magnificant tools can benifit you ..


This product does not carry any recall if
purchased from a non authorised distributor.
Atmos Tools strongly recommends that this product be fitted to the end users Torch Set by the authorised sales person as failure to do this can result in the non performance of the product to its full potential if at all.


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